Sunday, December 18, 2011

An Unexpected Bridge

It seems like everyone in Haiti wants to learn English.  When I was here last time, I got asked nearly every day if I would teach someone.  And it kind of frustrated me honestly.  I was a missionary, not an English teacher.  Then one day towards the end of my trip God spoke to me during prayer and said- start with teaching English.  Like it was a phase one initiative to the long term plan here.  And my eyes started opening to the opportunity that it really was.

Back at home God was speaking the same team to the team preparing to come.  So when the 12 of us came back here in September, we obeyed and multiple English classes have formed and take place each week.  I co-teach at the library with Darah twice a week and have been so encouraged by all that I see God doing.
We meet people around town and invite them to class.  We build trusting relationships with people through the classes.  The Bible is our curriculum.  The students are invited to the Bible studies and other ministries that are also going on throughout the week.  And we watch and see God starting to work in many of their lives.  The Gospel is being shared.  Genuine discipleship is occurring.  English was just the bridge for people to cross over into more spiritual matters.

MacDonald is a beautiful example.  He speaks good English and heard about the conversation class on Mondays and started showing up.  He started coming along to children's ministry 3 times a week and to 3 Bible studies a week because he wanted as many opportunities as possible to talk to us and improve his accent.  And as he heard the Word and watched the ministry, God lit a fire in him, and suddenly it wasn't about his accent anymore.  Our group has been blown away as we've watched God literally raise him up and give him a heart to serve before our very eyes.

MacDonald is precious with the children at the hospital.
He's been equipped and has begun teaching Bible stories at the hospital.

It all seems like a step in the right direction towards raising up the locals and seeing sustainable change in Jeremie.  God's ideas are always the best.  :)

I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.  
~1 Corinthians 9:22b

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